Day #155 (Mon., June 7, 2010) – Eating a Salad

My wife and I are trying to figure out the best way to meet my mother-in-law at the airport. Since little Katie will probably be sleeping we are thinking that it’s best if I go alone to pick her up. If little Katie happens to be up then all three of us will go. It’s going to be a late night (early morning) at any rate since she doesn’t get in til the wee hours of Wednesday morning.

2010-06-07 - Pacifier
2010-06-07 - Pacifier

When I got home this evening my wife was changing little Katie with the hopes that she would go to bed. Fat chance. She wanted to see what I was doing and soon ended up in the kitchen examining my every move. She didn’t smile much…little Katie is in “serious baby” mode.

My wife was telling me that sometimes it’s almost impossible to change little Katie when she is hungry. She screams and cries in anticipation of a meal. The photo to the left shows the secret weapon…put this pacifier into little Katie’s mouth and she will calm down.

This evening I was eating a salad and showing the various ingredients before I put them in my mouth. She started to smile and scream like it was some sort of a game. She especially got a kick out of the carrot once I fished it out of the bowl.

Little Katie was in the bouncy seat and I started to touch her feet, one after the other. She gave a little kick and started to smile…I think she thinks it is a new game.

I finally got the chance to look at the free Rosetta Stone DVD that the company sent me. Looks like a great way to learn a language. I’ll show it to little Katie one day.

1) Little Katie loves to see me eat salad.