Day #2044 (Sun., Aug. 9, 2015) – Ukranian Plove

2015-08-09 - Swim RingsThe photo to the right shows the swim rings that my wife picked up yesterday. Apparently they will stand upright on the bottom of the pool so that they are easy to pick up. Miss Barbara wanted us to get some as Katie has a hard time putting her head under water and she is hoping that this will help.

I went to Lowe’s this morning and picked up a chain to lower the fruit basket that is hanging in the kitchen.

My wife had a hard time napping today… In fact, she had no nap at all…

This evening I took Katie for a ride on her bike. I also gave her the little red bat and glider that I picked up at the Dollar Store a while back. Katie accidentally broke one of the glider’s wings while trying it out.

This evening I made “Ukranian Plove” for the Sunday night meal. It turned out quite good. It’s the ketchup that gives it that distinctive orange color.

It won’t be long before little Bobby is crawling around so it’s time to get the basement ready for the Lego table. Tonight I took a box of old books out to the recycling bin.