Day #2050 (Sat., Aug. 15, 2015) – Cook Out At Evelyn’s House

2015-08-15 - Teething RingLittle Bobby might be teething. This could be why he has been extra fussy as of late. My wife gave him this green “thingy” (shown to the left) that has little plastic “brushes” to help massage the gums.

I went to Trader Joe’s for supplies this afternoon. I picked up various chips and dips for the party at our neighbors this afternoon. We needed a bit more as Steve and Genevieve are coming for dinner tomorrow night.

There was a “cook out” party down the street this afternoon at Evelyn’s house. Little Bobby was asleep when it was time to go so I stayed home with him. It was quite hot outside so we decided it would be best not to take him. My wife took Katie as they had a pool and there were a number of children there to play with. I was going to make dinner but figured it was best to wait as they would probably be full by the time they arrived back.

While they were away I managed to read the “Little Girls Can Be Mean” book that came in the mail yesterday. I was amazed to see that the strategies they suggest are the exact same ones that we are currently employing with Katie. The authors gave some examples and additional ideas that will come in useful.