Day #2051 (Sun., Aug. 16, 2015) – Sunday Dinner With The Neighbors

2015-08-16 - Baby ThingyThe photo to the right shows the latest “play toys” in little Bobby’s arsenal. They are basically tiny little blankets with animal heads.

Steve and Genevieve and Gunther came for Sunday Dinner this evening. I made some Ukranian Plove and we had a Trader Joe’s lasagna waiting for them as well. To start things off there was a huge blue cheese salad. We ate out on the patio and it was kind of hard to corral all the kids. Katie and Gunther wanted to play rather than eat and little Bobby was fussy and crying at one point. It was great to get together though and the strawberries that Steven brought were a bit hit with Gunther…he ate them one after another after another…shoveling them in. Katie loves strawberries as well but I never saw her eat them this fast.

It was extra hard to put Katie to bed this evening. We notice that it is always extra hard when guests come to dinner. She came out of her room later in the evening with some tissue in her mouth complaining that her gums were sore. My wife gave her some medicine then it was back to bed.