Day #2052 (Mon., Aug. 17, 2015) – Little Pony Sticker Book

2015-08-17 - Little Pony BookI went to Sam’s Club at noon today to pick up some supplies. I saw a “My Little Pony” Sticker Book (shown in the photo to the right) that I will give to Katie on our next Daddy/Daughter Day.

Little Bobby started grabbing his toes today. He slept a lot during the day (started from 2 hour 17 min nap in the morning, then took two more 42 min and 1 h 34 min naps by 5 pm). For a kid that never sleeps more than 55 minutes at a time, that’s a lot! Today he weighed in at 20 lbs 13.5 oz.

Katie had a very eventful day. Kristen was taking care of her and 4 more kids. One kid was there since his mom had to take care of his very sick grandma. Two other kids were there so that they could say good bye to a dog leaving to another family. There were lots of tears, even Katie cried a bit. Kasey came after the class to help Kristen. They all went to the pool.

My wife found a Chinese babysitter on a nanny site this evening. We plan to interview her on Friday afternoon. The thought is that she will not only help us tend to little Bobby, but she will be able to help Katie with her Chinese homework as well.

We got a “Welcome” email from the Chapel Hill Carrboro Schools indicating we will be getting eflyers and other event information shortly. Guess we are on their system now.

The only things we have left for the school supplies are from the optional list (for the classroom teacher):

  • Gallon and sandwich sized Ziploc bags (slider),
  • Class snacks (maybe some apple sauce pouches from Trader Joes?)
  • Hand sanitizer