Day #2065 (Sun., Aug. 30, 2015) – New Ikea Bed

2015-08-30 - Katie's DrawingKatie’s artistry is getting more and more elaborate (see photo to the right). We credit the Art Camps she attended this summer.

I was thinking of having a Daddy/Daughter day with Katie today but my wife felt that it would be good for her to stay at home and rest. She has a lot of activities these days and we want her to be rested for her second week of kindergarten.

Little Bobby was one happy and delightful child today. He was laughing and smiling for most of the day but boy oh boy was it ever hard to put him to bed.

Katie spent most of the day playing video games on the computer. We have subscribed to, but she also likes PBS Kids games as they tend to have a lot of animals in them.

We assembled the new Ikea bed today. It has ample room for storage under it, something we can always use. Luckily this one didn’t come with any missing parts. Alas, it’s made out of press board rather than real board…something that seems to be a given these days.