Day #2064 (Sat., Aug. 29, 2015) – Preschool Playdate

5:45 AM – Little Bobby is up and thumping (i.e.: pulling his legs up and then letting them fall back to the crib).
5:50 AM – Little Bobby started crying. My wife went to his room to check on him and the smell said it all… He managed to poop! After changing and eating, Bobby was back asleep by 6:23 AM.

My wife took Katie to the park for a play date with her former preschool classmates this morning. I tended to little Bobby. Violet, Sage, Teagan and Katie were in attendance. I’m not sure why the turnout was so small. Katie had a good time playing with the other girls.

At 4pm this afternoon we met the guy who was selling the Honda Odyssey van outside K&W at the mall. Everett joined us and gave us the once over. His young boy said in the ad that they wanted $10,000 … but he was willing to take $8000… In the end we got it for $7700. I need to drive out to his bank in Cary so that he can pay off his car loan with the money I’m going to give him. It’s black, not our favorite, but at least it will have a lot of room for two kids. My wife’s Nissan Sentra is too cramped with Katie sitting behind her now.

2015-08-29 - TJ's StickersAfter taking a look at the Honda my wife and I went to WholeFoods but had to rush home to let Kasey and her friend go. I then drove back to Trader Joe’s to pick up supplies. They had alphabet stickers (see photo to the left). How appropriate for Katie now that she is learning her letters in kindergarten.