Day #2063 (Fri., Aug. 28, 2015) – Panda Door

2015-08-28 - Kindergarten DoorI tended to little Bobby while my wife took Katie to school this morning. It is good for her to get acquainted with the “drop off” process as I’m sure we will both need to know the process moving forward. I stayed home and tended to little Bobby til she got back. I then drove to work for the day.

The photo to the left shows the door to Katie’s “home room”. She’s been talking a lot about pandas as of late…now I know why.

My wife sent a list of the various babysitters, etc. who could pick Katie up from time to time to Katie’s new kindergarten teacher. We got this reply: “Thank you for the information about Katie’s pick up. Katie is doing pretty well. She follows direction, and enjoys learning Chinese.I’m so happy to have her as my student.”.

Someone on Craigslist is selling a Honda Odyssey. We’re probably going to need a van now that we have two kids. This make/model comes highly rated.

Little Bobby is getting much more enthusiastic and elaborate with the sounds he can make in his mouth. I know he is doing this to get my attention.