Day #2067 (Tue., Sept. 1, 2015) – Gym Class Today

2015-09-01 - AbacusThe photo to the right shows one of the abacus’ that adorn the window sill in Katie’s home room.

As I was driving Katie to class today she mentioned that she would be having three classes today. Along with her usual Chinese class in the morning, and English class in the afternoon, she would be having a gym class. She also stated that she wanted me to take her to her homeroom this morning but I told her about the assembly line of cars and kids dropping off. We’ll have to make it some other time.

After school today Katie mentioned that in gym class they got to pretend that they were animals…but the teacher choose the animal for them. She seemed a bit disappointed she couldn’t choose her own animal. From what I can surmise it was a new teacher that she had never met before? Who knows…it’s really hard to get information out of her at times.

This evening I heard a squeal from Katie’s bedroom as my wife told her that Nikki would be picking her up from school tomorrow. She’s back from Oklahoma and Katie is ecstatic. She really missed her.

Little Bobby is, well, little Bobby. Happy and smiley and drinking milk like there is no tomorrow…