Day #2069 (Thu., Sept. 3, 2015) – Little Bobby’s First Solid Food

There was an 8am PTA meeting at Katie’s school. My wife drove Katie over just after 7pm and when Kasey showed up at 7:35am I drove over as well. Our neighbor Susan is the PTA President and chaired the meeting. We got to meet various teachers and parents. Jack and Vanessa were there. I was the only guy other than Jack. I suggested snow cones for an upcoming fundraiser and that email newsletters be sent out between 10am and 11am on Tuesday morning.

2015-09-03 - BuckwheatWhen I arrived home from work this evening my wife was feeding little Bobby some buckwheat (see photo to the right). This is the same Israeli buckwheat cereal that we gave to Katie five years ago…except the price has risen quite a bit since then.

This is the first solid food that little Bobby has ever had and took to it with gusto. He even grabbed the spoon to steer it into his mouth. It’s hard to pump enough milk to keep up with our little monster’s hearty appetite. Time for some solid food to supplement it.