Day #2071 (Sat., Sept. 5, 2015) – Munching On Moe’s Cups

2015-09-05 - Moe's CupsThe photo to the left shows some of the sauce cups that I picked up at our local Moe’s on a recent visit. Little Bobby likes to munch on them. I guess they help with his teething issues.

Steven arrived with Gunther this morning. I made the family some scrambled eggs and an egg sandwich for Steven.

I went to Trader Joe’s for supplies this morning. On the way back I stopped off at Susan our neighbor’s house to help fix her computer. She cannot send out emails. Steven was already there when I arrived. Katie wanted to come so I left her to play with Helen. Unfortunately she wore her new shoes in the backyard and stepped in chicken poop.

This evening my wife took Katie over to see Gabby and when it was time to go it took 45 minutes to get Katie to leave. My wife was not happy.

Little Bobby had another round of buckwheat cereal today.