Day #2072 (Sun., Sept. 6, 2015) – Odyssey Shopping

2015-09-06 - Baby OatmealI went to Whole Foods this morning to get some organic baby oatmeal (see photo to the right) for little Bobby. I also picked up an avocado at Trader Joe’s for little Bobby to munch on.

My wife and I decided that we would go to Crown Honda near SouthPoint to take a look at the used Odyssey that they had in stock. Bad decision… First the guy could not find it on the lot and had us walking all over the place to find a van that we eventually found out they “junked” because it was not road worthy. The sales manager was not much more help…

We then went to the Korean Buffet for lunch. One of the children was crying and woke up little Bobby. He was scared by all his surroundings. He will get scared of new faces now if he doesn’t recognize them.

After eating we walked next door to see all the decorations at the “Spirit Halloween Store”. Katie is not into this store at all like she used to be. I think she realizes now what it’s all about. Long gone are those tantrum days when daddy was unable to take her to the one in Chapel Hill.

My wife went to bed for a nap this evening while I took care of little Bobby and Katie. Katie ate two bowls of grapes, two grilled cheese, and 1/2 peanut butter sandwich (I guess you could call this our Sunday Dinner). I ran out of milk to give to little Bobby so I had to wake my wife up after an hour or so.