Day #2084 (Fri., Sept. 18, 2015) – Professional Number Chart

On the drive to Glenwood School this morning Katie did much better on her count to 50. She accidentally spilled her milkshake at home so she didn’t have that to contend with. She usually has to juggle “sip of this”, “count a few numbers”, rinse & repeat on the drive to school.

Katie told me that she is going to try the trick I mentioned to her yesterday with Chloe. She told me that when Chloe is around her and William she always asks them about their marriage plans. I told her that she should turn the tables on Chloe and ask her how her marriage plans are going. I told Katie that one of the best ways to avoid questions you don’t want to answer is to ask the person a question in response. Let’s see how this works…

Alicia was supposed to come and take care of little Bobby today but she has the sniffles. My wife doesn’t want anyone around who has even the slightest hint of a cold…we have enough to deal with without us or the kids being sick.

2015-09-18 - Numbers ChartKatie told me that she and William ate at separate tables at lunch today. As such, the issue of Choloe asking them about their marriage didn’t come up.

“No sleep little Bobby” today. For some reason he refuses to sleep. I guess the world around him is just too interesting.

My wife picked up a professional numbers chart for Katie on Amazon (see photo to the right). She’s attached it to the hutch in the dining room area. We’re thinking that if we see it we will be reminded to do our numbers routine with Katie.