Day #2085 (Sat., Sept. 19, 2015) – Christopher’s Birthday

2015-09-19 - Christopher's PresentI went to Trader Joe’s for supplies this morning. Sweet potatoes, avocado and squash for little Bobby were top items on the list.

My wife took Katie to Christopher’s birthday at the Durham Science Museum this afternoon while I tended to little Bobby. Christopher is a boy in Katie’s class and my wife got him a nice Lego Space Shuttle as his birthday present (see photo to the right). They were gone for over five hours as there was a play date after the birthday party itself. My wife got to meet Ella’s mother (Ella is another girl in her school). Katie came home with a cactus as a take away.

Meanwhile back at the ranch little Bobby and I had quite the interesting afternoon. He refused to eat any solid food from me but did drink a lot of milk. He slept from 1:15pm – 2:35pm and I had just put him to sleep for his second nap when my wife’s car drove up into the parking lot.

My wife had to pump so I went to bed for a quick nap. I did make a pizza while they were away so there was no issue with what to feed Katie. I told my wife to come and get me after 15 minutes or so or when she needed me. I ended up sleeping til 1:15am! I must have been exhausted!