Day #2086 (Sun., Sept. 20, 2015) – Little Bobby Tries Beef

2015-09-20 - Party ListThe photo to the right shows the birthday party list that my wife is creating. Apparently there are three pages of this. My wife is thinking that we will have an “Art Theme” birthday party for Katie at our house this year.

Yesterday was such a hectic day for Katie that we decided to “lay low” today and let her rest and play around the house. She did go over to Gabby’s house to play a bit in the afternoon. We find that if we plan too many activities for her she will get cranky and hard to manage. Better to be well rested for the school week starting tomorrow.

I did go to WholeFoods for milk this morning. I then went to Trader Joe’s for some beef as we’re planning on making a roast in the pressure cooker for Sunday dinner tonight. I picked up some flowers while I was at Trader Joe’s. They spruce up the dinner table.

My wife ground up some of the roast beef for little Bobby this evening. This is his first taste of beef. He didn’t like the texture much by itself she she mixed it with oatmeal for him.

Katie has a new Chinese homeroom teacher. She will be starting tomorrow and taking over the class on Wednesday. It’s been a bit of a “flux” at Glenwood ever since the other Chinese teacher left pretty soon after the school year started a few weeks ago.