Day #2088 (Tue., Sept. 22, 2015) – Mandarin Advisory Committee (MAC)

2015-09-22 - Katie's New ToothKatie is getting a new tooth. You can see it peaking through in the photo to the right.

On the drive to Glenwood this morning Katie and I got talking about how See-Han (one of Katie’s classmates) didn’t have to learn Chinese but had to learn English. She went on to further add that they never played together because he never came to her and asked to play. I told her that since he didn’t speak English he didn’t know how to. I suggested she go to her Chinese teacher and ask her how to say “Let’s Play” in Chinese, and then go and say these same words to See-Han. We’ll see how it goes…

My wife and I got an email this morning regarding the Mandarin Advisory Committee (MAC) this evening. Here’s what they said:

Tonight, Tuesday, September 22nd, the Mandarin Advisory Committee (MAC) will be having its first meeting of the year. It is primarily for parents of children in the Mandarin Dual Language (MDL) program, however anyone is welcome to attend. Teachers of the MDL program will be present and discussion will include plans for the year.

We decided that we would both attend as Emily can babysit for us tonight. I was a good meeting. Nice to be able to meet the teachers and see the process they have to teach the kids.

Emily text messaged us while we were in the meeting. She was having problems putting little Bobby to bed. We suggested he take him outside, play the piano for him, or let him watch “Baby Genius – Nursery Rhymes” to calm down. When we arrived home he was rocking in her arms. Little Bobby has just started to get afraid of new faces.

With the scramble to go to the Mandarin Advisory Committee this evening, etc. I forgot to ask Katie about how things went with See-Han. I’ll ask her tomorrow… (UPDATE: she told me she forgot)…