Day #2089 (Wed., Sept. 23, 2015) – Katie Reads Her First Book

As I was driving Katie to Glenwood this morning I decided to take a different approach in regards to counting up to 50. I told Katie that we would keep trying til she got it 100% correct or we reached Glenwood. Well, we reached Glenwood. She kept forgetting what came after 29. I would tell her 30 in different ways and even proceed to count out the sequence but she kept forgetting. She had no problem remembering 30 the other day? She told me that she needed to have a picture of the numbers in front of her in order to count. I told her that this was fine to start out but at some point she would need to be able to count without having a picture of the numbers in front of her.

We got the following email from Glenwood:


Ms. Shanshan Ma started teaching our kindergartners today, and we are so excited to have her!

Also, a reminder that next Friday is our field trip. If you have not already returned your permission slip to Ms. Gondek or Ms. Wu, please do so as soon as possible.

Please remember that tomorrow is library day for both classes. If your kiddo checked a book out from the Glenwood library, they should bring it back to school tomorrow.


2015-09-23 - Katie's First BookKatie read her first book this evening. You can see a picture of it in the photo to the left. It has the word “Mat” a lot in it…hence the title.

I fed little Bobby a whole jar of prune baby food this evening. We’re trying to get him to take a #2 so that he will go to bed early… No such luck!