Day #2104 (Thu., Oct. 8, 2015) – Meeting The School Counselor

During the drive to Glenwood this morning I had Katie concentrate and she counted to 50 no problem. We then got on the topic of Chinese words. It’s amazing how many Chinese words that she knows.

2015-10-08 - Doctor StickerMy wife took Katie to the doctor today. Katie got to pick out her own sticker for being such a good girl (see photo to the right).

We met with a counselor at Katie’s school at 1pm today. We discussed her fascination with Eleri. He suggested that we ask her what she likes about Eleri. He also told us that he felt she would grow out of it.

On the drive back to work I stopped off at the motor vehicles office to get new license plates for the van. I’m reminded of the Jerry Seinfeld episode “The Wink”:

JERRY: Elaine, what percentage of people would you say are good looking?

ELAINE: Twenty-five percent.

JERRY: Twenty-five percent, you say? No way! It’s like 4 to 6 percent. It’s a twenty to one shot.

ELAINE: You’re way off.

JERRY: Way off? Have you been to the motor vehicle bureau? It’s like a leper colony down there.