Day #2110 (Wed., Oct. 14, 2015) – The Letter To Glenwood School

2015-10-14 - Finger PuppetThe photo to the left shows the finger puppet I mentioned in yesterday’s post.

Katie still has a fever so my wife kept her home from school today. She took her to the doctor later in the day who said that it was not to the bacterial infection level just yet. He said to let him know if things didn’t improve by the weekend.

I sent a letter to Glenwood School this morning offering my services to promote the Mandarin Dual Language Program. They responded back later in the day stating that “Our program is administered at the district level. I am including the coordinator on this email so that she can reach out to you in regards to your request to volunteer your time in support of our program.

My wife found a replacement for Alicia today. She is here from Bosnia with her husband, who has a PhD in computer science.