Day #2117 (Wed., Oct. 21, 2015) – Two Dolphin “Stress Balls”

I dropped Katie off at school today. She still gets stuck on the transition from 29 to 30, but she’s working through it.

When I got home this evening Arnesa was there… She’s a great help around the house. She said that she loves working for us as she gets love (and then pointed to little Bobby).

2015-10-21 - Dolphin Stress BallsI gave Katie two dolphin stress “balls” that I picked up at the conference (see photo to the left).

In putting Katie to bed this evening she told me that Eleri wanted to only play with one of her friends today and it wasn’t her. This started a dialog about how this made her feel. I think she’s gradually getting to see how Eleri’s actions affect others negatively.

Arnesa got to see Katie play with the other children at school today as she picked her up. She said that Katie is a real leader, making all the others feel welcome and giving out instructions. She does this in a nice way and is very inclusive…exactly what you want in a leader Arnesa said.

My wife made a comment about what a great job the kindergarten teachers are doing. Katie was down on the floor writing out words…the child we couldn’t seem to get to do anything in regards to letters and words…