Day #2116 (Tue., Oct. 20, 2015) – “Stuffed” Wooly Mammoth

Today is the second and last day of the conference. I dropped Katie off at school then headed to Raleigh.

2015-10-20 - Wooly MammothI picked up a number of little presents for Katie today. I got a stuffed “Wolly Mammoth” that I gave to Katie this evening (see photo to the left). I even got a “blow up” dinosaur like I got for Katie for Anthony and Nethi’s boys.

Little Bobby was really happy to see me this evening. I said hi and then walked towards the living room but he put up such a fuss I had to go back and give him some more attention. What a happy baby…

Today was picture day at Katie’s school. My wife and I decided that we would at least get the standard package.

My wife told me that after school lets out for the day the kids go to the playground to play. There is a supervisor there to watch over them…but she tends to just play with her iPhone.