Day #2115 (Mon., Oct. 19, 2015) – Inflatable Green Dinosaur

Last night I thought I was coming down with what Katie had but I felt better after a good night’s sleep.

Today is the first day back at school for Katie. In counting t0 50 this morning she forgot what came after 29, there was a long pause, then a sheepish “30”…

2015-10-19 - DinosaurI went to the “Open Source” Conference in downtown Raleigh today. There were lots of “freebies”. Bronto Software had an inflatable green brontosaurus so I had to get one for Katie (see photo to the left).

Our “No Sleep” baby… Hard to put him to bed again this evening.

Katie told me that everyone was happy to see her at school today. She slept with her green dinosaur this evening.

There was a small fire at Katie’s school today. Here’s the email that they send out:


Good morning Glenwood families. Around 9:45am this morning a small oven fire was reported in the school cafeteria kitchen and the building was evacuated for the fire department to inspect the cafeteria kitchen. Students and staff were outside the building for approximately 15 minutes as the local fire department inspected the kitchen, and then returned to their daily schedules and routines. All staff and students completed the fire evacuation calmly and without incident to anyone. Minor changes to lunch schedules were made to allow the outstanding cafeteria staff a chance to get food prepared for the day.