Day #2114 (Sun., Oct. 18, 2015) – Little Bobby’s Upper Tooth

2015-10-18 - Tracking SleepThe photo to the left shows the spreadsheet that my wife uses to track little Bobby’s sleep pattern. When he arose and when he went back to bed.

Katie is feeling much better today. The medicine appears to be kicking in.

Little Bobby likes to be raised into the air. I will count 1-2 and then raise him on 3. You can see the delight in his face.

I got some “Cheddar Bunnies” at Whole Foods this afternoon. They are the counterparts to “GoldFish” or TJ’s “Rockets”.

I went to Target to return diapers and then to Sam’s Club for gallon baggies and other kitchen supplies.

For Sunday dinner this evening I made liver and onions in the pressure cooker. It was moist and tender…delish!