Day #2121 (Sun., Oct. 25, 2015) – State Fair Popcorn

My wife took Katie to the State Fair this morning. I was in such bad shape that Arnesa came over to take care of little Bobby. As they were leaving I heard Katie tell my wife that she was going to give me some of her popcorn.

2015-10-25 - State Fair PopcornWhen they returned I asked Katie what food she liked the best. She said “french fries”. She did give me some of the popcorn she bought (see photo to the right). It was pretty lousy popcorn to be honest with you. Even more terrible when you consider the price they paid for it. She also picked up some cotton candy for the ride home as well.

They got to see a goat fashion show and the dog race (Katie’s personal favorite). They also went into the flower booth where there were little toy trains weaving their way throughout the flower display.

Daddy was feeling pretty miserable all day. They left just before 8am and I stayed in bed til about 2pm.

It looks like no work for daddy tomorrow… Little Bobby still looks healthy. The pediatrician said that babies tend to not get the virus for some reason…