Day #2122 (Mon., Oct. 26, 2015) – Katie’s Learning Book

I’m still in pretty bad condition so my wife took Katie to school today in the van. She was saying how great it is to drop her off in the van…you just push a button and the door opens, the child goes out, and with the push of another button the door closes and you drive off.

2015-10-26 - Katie's Learning BookThe photo to the right shows “Katie’s Learning Book”. It basically outlines the steps she needs to follow to be a good listener. Steps like raising your hand to ask a question and to have “open ears” and “closed mouths”.

Katie told me that Eleri walked by her today without saying hi. I used this opportunity to highlight that she is a “fair weather” friend.

Katie and I came up with a new game. We through the giraffe towel on little Bobby’s head so he cannot see and he pulls it off. He seems to like the attention.

There is a problem with the high chair. We cannot get the buckle to unattach. We have to slip little Bobby into place from the side.