Day #2123 (Tue., Oct. 27, 2015) – Little Bobby’s Remote Control

I’m feeling a bit better so I will work from home today.

It is quite difficult to put little Bobby in the high chair seat now that the belt is broken.

2015-10-27 - Little Bobby's RemoteLittle Bobby cannot wait to get his hands on the remote control. He knows that it is not a toy and is integral to the television, which is why he loves it so much. We designated an old broken one (see photo to the left) as his play toy.

My wife had meetings all day. Kasey arrived at 9am to take care of little Bobby. Hannah will pick Katie up from school and Arnesa will be helping us out in-between. The kids today live like “rock stars” with people who love them coming and going out of their lives and catering to their every whim.

The evening we put some Bosnian and Lithuanian Folk Dances on the television courtesy of YouTube. Katie enjoyed dancing to them. I’m fascinated with videos of “Yakety Axe” with Chet Atkins as of late…