Day #2124 (Wed., Oct. 28, 2015) – Little Bobby’s “Bottle Game”

In the morning Katie got up and started to do her words. She didn’t even turn the television on.

Arnesa takes Katie to dance and home. Katie provides direction. She knows right and left now.

2015-10-28 - Halloween CandyI’m feeling a bit better today so this evening I went out to Harris Teeter to get an assortment of Halloween candy for my wife (see photo to the left). She’s going to add them to the treat bags she is making.

It was too late to carve a pumpkin as Katie needed to be in bed by 6pm, but we did discuss what type of designs we would like to do tomorrow night. She wants to be “freely artistic” this year and not regulated by one particular design. It will be interesting to see what we come up with.

Little Bobby has a new “Bottle Game” where he will drink a bit from the bottle, pull it out of his mouth and get a squirt of milk in the face, and put it back into his mouth again. When this happens you know he’s not sleepy…