Day #2125 (Thu., Oct. 29, 2015) – Pumpkin Carving

I dropped Katie off at school this morning. This is the first time this week as I have been out sick. She managed to snag a Tootsie Roll candy from the stash of Halloween candies I picked up last night and asked me to open it for her. When we arrived at Glenwood she was enjoying munching on it so much that she didn’t get out of the car right away when the assistant opened the door for her.

2015-10-29 - Pumpkin CarvingWhen I got home from work this evening it was still kind of late but we decided to delay Katie’s bedtime for a bit so that we could decorate the pumpkins that we got the other day. Here it is the 29th…time is running out. Katie used black paint on one and decals on the other while I carved a “Cat & Jack-O-Lantern” scene out of the third (see photo to the right). Just before Katie went to bed my wife and her took the carved pumpkin out to the end of our driveway to place on the bale of straw we bought along with the pumpkins a while back.

I found a new game for little Bobby. I will run down the hallway and tap him on the arm and say “Gottcha”. He will howl with delight.