Day #2126 (Fri., Oct. 30, 2015) – Oatmeal & Mac & Cheese

2015-10-30 - Painted PumpkinThe photo to the left shows the other pumpkin we did last night. I see that there are Spiderman pumpkin designs now…I bet little Bobby will want to do one of those when he gets older.

As we were driving to school this morning we got a chance to see the pumpkin that my wife and Katie put out at the end of the driveway last night. The light was out…I guess the batteries died. We’ll have to replace them so that the pumpkin will be up and running for Halloween.

On the drive to Glenwood Katie started talking about Halloween last year and how she fell and Helen just left her and ran off with Leah. She told me that it made her sad just thinking about it.

I left work early today to run some errands. I got some oatmeal for little Bobby and some “Mac & Cheese” at Wholefoods. I was able to use the $300 gift card that my wife picked up a while back.

Two of our babysitters, Hannah & Arnesa, were at the house when I got home from work. Arnesa and her husband will be joining us on our trick & treat route tomorrow.

I was pretty exhausted today so I fell asleep soon after I came home from work. I woke up just as it was time to put little Bobby and Katie to bed.