Day #2127 (Sat., Oct. 31, 2015) – Little Bobby’s First Halloween

Here it is, little Bobby’s first Halloween. We are going to follow through with Katie’s wish on what we will be wearing this year. She will be a butterfly, little Bobby will be a caterpillar, and my wife and I will be sunflowers.

Katie threw up this morning. We were wondering if she was going to be sick and unable to go trick or treating, but after a carbon pill she was fine.

2015-10-31 - The SpreadAround 5pm Arnesa and her husband Genen stopped by. They will be joining us for the trick or treating portion but have to go to another Halloween party afterwards. We had cat ears and a cat tail ready for her. Genen got giraffe antlers and a giraffe tail.

I drove my car outside James and Laura’s house as they are hosting the party this year and we will be tired by the time the night is over. They had quite the spread of food (see photo to the left). My wife made the pumpkin muffins courtesy of Trader Joe’s mix…

Katie hung around with Helen (Princess Leah), and Gabby (a peacock) for most of the evening. Unlike last year Helen didn’t hang around with Leah from the corner.

Little Bobby slept for most of the time at James house. I got a chance to talk to James dad about his retirement (he retired in August). As it turns out James is a “scratch golfer”.