Day #2128 (Sun., Nov. 1, 2015) – Target Giraffe Costume

2015-11-01 - Target Giraffe CostumeKatie and Ella were supposed to have a play date at the park but Ella’s mom never called. It was raining most of the day so I guess the assumption was that it was “off”.

We’re not exactly sure why but Katie decided that she would write her name on the dining room table with a ballpoint pen. Maybe she has just too much energy being “cooped up” all day.

This afternoon my wife and I decided that we would pack up the family in the van and drive out to Target to see if we could get some Halloween decorations at reduced prices. We did. We even picked up a boy’s “giraffe” costume for little Bobby (see photo to the left) which he might be able to wear next year. If not, it will be a great addition to our “tickle chest” of dress up costumes for when kids come over to play.

We then drove out to Southern Village to see the Halloween decorations. It’s funny that the first time we get to do this is actually the day after Halloween. It was raining “cats & dogs” so it was not the best viewing scenario, but the guy who always has a big Halloween display had his up and running. This year he had skeletons climbing up the front of his house.