Day #2135 (Sun., Nov. 8, 2015) – Little Bobby’s “Grinding Sound”

2015-11-08 - Drawing A DinosaurKatie’s art is really coming along. The photo to the right shows her drawing of a dinosaur. She used the dinosaur in the coloring book (also shown) as a guide. Quite a good job!

I went to Trader Joe’s to get supplies this afternoon. We already have plenty of food in the house, but we needed some snacks for Katie’s lunches. She’s really into tortilla’s with cheese for her school lunches these days. The nice thing is that she will eat them cold. Katie specifically asked for Yogurt Drink. I also picked up a “Turkey Gingerbread Kit”.

My wife took Katie to a play date at a playground near Glenwood School at 3pm today. She talked to Merrin’s mom quite a bit. I stayed home and tended to little Bobby.

Little Bobby is making this strange “clicking sound”. I think she’s grinding his teeth but the sound sure is strange. I asked my wife to listen to it as well in case he might be munching on something she shouldn’t be.

This evening I showed Katie the “dog blog” that I made for her. We’re going to go to dog parks, etc. and take pictures of dogs and put them up on it.