Day #2134 (Sat., Nov. 7, 2015) – Making A Jungle Game

It was a miserable day here in Chapel Hill. It rained and rained so we decided to stay at home rather than venture out too much. My wife went to bed for a nap in the afternoon so I tended to little Bobby and Katie. Katie was very good in playing and talking with little Bobby and of course he eats up all the attention she will give him.

I took little Bobby out to the patio for a while so he could get some fresh air and hear the rain falling. He loves it out there.

2015-11-07 - Jungle GameKatie and I decided to have a “stay at home” Daddy/Daughter Day (i.e.: #36) today. We made a map of a farm and Katie put some of her little plastic animals on it. I then showed Katie how to create her own board game…a jungle game (see photo to the right). I showed Katie how to create spaces where you have “good things” and “bad things” happen, whereby the player will either move ahead or go back a number of spaces. When I went to WholeFoods when my wife got up she added even more of these spaces so that the game was quite elaborate by the time I returned.

At WholeFoods I got a lasagna as Katie doesn’t like the Trader Joe’s one since it is too spicy. This one wasn’t spicy, but did it every have a lot of cheese. In fact, I didn’t even notice any lasagna pasta layers.

Around 5pm I took Katie to YoPop as she has been longing for this all day. She was not allowed to have any chocolate as it was late in the day, but she made up for it with plenty of gummy bears.