Day #2133 (Fri., Nov. 6, 2015) – Gatorific Award

2015-11-06 - Katie's LeopardThe photo to the left shows the leopard drawing that was on Katie’s desk at the first day of kindergarten. She colored it in and put her name on it and now it is “her symbol”.

As I was driving Katie to school this morning we got talking about Mellan. We met her parents at school last night and she sits in the table next to Katie along with Zoe, Chloe and Evan. At Katie’s table is Mattie, Heron and Christopher (and Katie mentioned again that this was the boy who poked her a while back).

When my wife opened up Katie’s backpack this afternoon there was an envelope addressed to Katie’s parents. However, inside that envelope was a letter to the parents of Harold about a Gatorific Award. My wife contacted the teachers and found out that they switched letters. Katie is also getting a Gatorific Award based on her outstanding performance in getting along with her classmates.

When I got home from work I praised Katie lavishless for her effords in securing the Gatorific Award. She loves school and is such a role model for the rest of the students.