Day #2132 (Thu., Nov. 5, 2015) – How To Teach Katie To Read

2015-11-05 - Baby SlopThe photo to the right shows a jar of “Baby Slop” (as I call it). This one has mango, carrot & orange and little Bobby loves it!

My wife had a PTA meeting this morning so she took Katie to school. I will go to the meetings from time-to-time, but I have a lot of stuff to do at work these days.

I left work early today so that my wife and I could go to Glenwood School and hear Katie’s teachers talk about their teaching methods. Katie was rather clingy this evening and cried when my wife and I left. We were thinking that maybe we should have brought her along but how in the world would we ever put her to bed this evening after all the excitement.

The evening started off with pizza in the cafeteria. A Chinese couple, both doctors, sat across from us. When we were done eating we walked over to the classroom where the teachers showed us the various phonics methods that they use to teach reading and writing to Katie’s class. Whatever they are doing it is working and Katie is the proof.

When we got home from school Arnesa was putting little Bobby to bed.