Day #2145 (Wed., Nov. 18, 2015) – Gatorific Awards

On the drive to school this morning I asked Katie if she was still going to marry William. She said that their “love had died” and perhaps he found someone else. She was going to ask him at school if they were still going to get married or not. She still thinks that they might get married after their anniversary?

2015-11-18 - Gatorific AwardsAt noon today my wife and I met at Katie’s school for the award ceremony (see photo to the left). Katie is getting a “Gatorific Award” for being cooperative with her fellow students and just a great kid all around. Only two in each class get this honor, so it’s great for Katie. We met in the gym and they announced each kids name. They went up and got their award and then got their picture taken. There was an award packet as well.

My wife told me that Katie was upset that little Bobby could not attend. She also showed me the gym climbing wall that Katie is able to scale to the top.

After the ceremony my wife and I joined Katie in the cafeteria for lunch…a turkey dinner. It was not bad. When it was over Katie went to class, my wife went to work, and I went to pick up some #5 diapers for little Bobby.

This evening little Bobby was very “funny”. If Katie and I started to wrestle or run around he would start to cry. Arnesa said that he didn’t eat anything all day…but he did down two bottles of milk.