Day #2146 (Thu., Nov. 19, 2015) – Saying “Da Da”

My wife brought little Bobby to see me in the bedroom this morning. He said “da da” on three separate occasions. Was he saying “da da”? My wife said that he never said this word when she was out in the living room with him all morning.

2015-11-19 - Doggie FurThe photo to the right shows a book that little Bobby loves. The picture of the doggie actually has some soft fur that he can touch…or in his case try to pull out with his teeth.

It was raining like mad when I dropped Katie off at Glenwood this morning. She counted up to 50 before I even got the chance to turn the car around in the driveway. I guess there is a bumper sticker saying something along the lines of “Our Child Is A Gatorific Student” (referring to the award she got yesterday). My wife is not the type to put something like this on her car, and I’d rather not, but I told Katie that if it was important to her that I would put it on my car. We’ll see… Katie told me that my wife was going to see if Arnesa wanted it for her car.

Katie has a sore throat and 100F.  Her symptoms are consistent with hand, mouth and foot diseaseā€¦

Katie is sick this evening and was in bed when I got home. We’re not sure, but it could be the virus that is going around at Katie’s school. On the other side of the equation we have a bundle of joy (i.e.: Little Bobby) who refuses to sleep. There is too much excitement being up with mom and dad and the two cats…