Day #2147 (Fri., Nov. 20, 2015) – Little Bobby’s Supply Of Slop

Katie is stick and not able to go to school today. This is one of the few times that daddy gets to sleep in during a work day so I took advantage of it.

2015-11-20 - Slop SupplyThe photo to the right shows what I affectionately call “Little Bobby’s Supply Of Slop”.

We had a potluck meal at work today so I stopped off at Trader Joe’s to get a pumpkin pie. I was able to swing by the house as my wife wanted some health insurance papers for Katie (we didn’t find them in the end).

My wife took Katie to the doctor today and as it turns out she has tonsillitis.

My wife told me what Katie is thankful for:

  1. For the family
  2. The mostest thankful for the baby brother
  3. That Arnesa could come to Halloween and will come for Thanksgiving

I thought I would beat the mad rush and go this evening to Trader Joe’s and get a turkey. Well, they were sold out…I will need to go back tomorrow morning…