Day #2157 (Mon., Nov. 30, 2015) – Arnesa Art

Katie was upset during the drive to Glenwood this morning. She didn’t finish her smoothie as she was preoccupied with video games. My wife told her that there will probably be no more video games in the mornings. I told Katie that the solution would be to drink up the smoothie before playing video games. She listened, but we’ll see if she implements this in the future.

2015-11-30 - Santa ClausKatie and I got talking about her future careers. She wants to be a babysitter, zookeeper and animal doctor. I told her that she could be an “animal artist” too if she wants. She asked me what I wanted to be… I told her that this is something people at her age usually talk about…my time has past… 🙂

Katie ripped her leggings (ie: tights) today and wanted to sell them. Arnesa said that they could make fine ornaments out of them and proceeded to show Katie how to make a Santa ornament for the tree (see photo to the right). Katie got to do a bit of sewing.

Little Bobby is happy and joyful and playful as usual. He’s moving around in the crib more and getting more active. We think he will be crawling soon. Hopefully before he goes to college… 🙂