Day #2158 (Tue., Dec. 1, 2015) – Learning To Wave

2015-12-01 - Baby Car SeatMy wife got a great deal on a baby car seat for little Bobby late last night (see photo to the right). She picked it up for $160 and this morning it is $215.

On the drive to Glenwood Katie and I started to talk about William and their upcoming marriage. I asked them if he proposed or she did. She said that they both decided to marry. It was after recess one day and they could not take their eyes off of each other. Then they both stuck their tongue out at each other…this is a sign that two people should marry.

She initially told me that she is going to have one dog and three cats at the wedding. This has been updated as of this mornings conversation. She is going to have one dog and 100 cats and one kitten. This is because kittens can be a handful and you need 100 cats to look after it. In addition, the dog is only allowed to chase one cat at a time. In this way the other 99 cats can rest.

It looks like little Bobby has finally gotten the hang of what it means to wave “bye-bye”. He will wave back when you wave to him. Of course I often say the words “da-da”, so who knows that he thinks waving means.

It’ve got quite the cough I’m getting over these days. Little Bobby is used to me being louder and more physical than the women in his life. I wonder if he thinks this is just another “loud form of communication” I have?