Day #2159 (Wed., Dec. 2, 2015) – Katie Hates Lemons

On the drive to Glenwood this morning Katie and I got to talking about foods we hated. She said lemons (even though she has never tried one) because they are too sour. I added lasagna to her list as she thinks it is too spicy.

2015-12-02 - Gingerbread HouseKatie then added that some people are too poor to go buy groceries so they buy a gun and kill animals. She said that she would never do that. She said that when she gets to be an animal doctor she will go and gather up all the dead animals and bring them back to her hospital. I asked she what she would do for them since they are dead. She said that she would put them in cages til she could find a heaven for them.

My wife and Katie made a Trader Joe’s Christmas Gingerbread House today (see photo to the right).

Little Bobby is becoming much more active these days. In fact he will squirm quite a bit. This evening he would not sit still in the pink bouncy seat in his room that we usually feed him in. It’s also impossible to leave him on the changing table by himself as he will squirm about and might fall off.