Day #2160 (Thu., Dec. 3, 2015) – KitchenAid Mixer

Delayed opening at Glenwood so I took Katie to school at 9:15am this morning. On the drive Katie wanted to talk about Princess Leah and Star Wars. I’m not sure where this is coming from but I know Helen dressed up as Princess Leah during Halloween and with the new Star Wars moving coming out in a few weeks I’m sure the buzz is all about her school. She asked if the movie would be scary and if she would be able to get “gummy bears”. The last time I took her to a movie they had a small kids meal with popcorn, soda and “gummy bears”. I’m not sure if she is more interested in the Star Wars movie or the gummy bears at this stage.

2015-12-03 - KitchenAidI had to pick Katie up from school at 2:30pm this afternoon. When we got home I put the trailer for the new Star Wars movie from YouTube up on the television. Katie wanted to see Princess Leah. I had to explain to her that she is older in this movie…not like the young girl Helen dressed up as.

Our Kitchen Aid mixer came today (see photo to the left). We were able to get a great deal on it at Kohl’s on Black Friday. It’s regularly around $300 and we got it for a bit over $100.

Little Bobby is enjoying my antics more and more these days. He loves it when I pretend to not notice him and then come up to him, look intently in his eyes, and grab his arm. He will howl with delight.