Day #160 (Sat., June 12, 2010) – Placemat Snack

My wife woke me up this morning and we were soon off to Golden Corral for breakfast. My mother-in-law does not have any “all-you-can-eat buffets” where she lives so it was quite the event.

2010-06-12 - Speaking Baby Doll
2010-06-12 - Speaking Baby Doll

Little Katie loved all the new sights and sounds in the restaurant. I took her out of the baby seat and carried her around so that she could see all the sights. We stopped by a lady who was cutting carrots. She started to smile at little Katie and little Katie smiled back. It was too noisy to hear what she was saying but I could read her lips for part of the conversation… “She is beautiful”. Many people have that reaction when they see little Katie.

We had a chat with my mother via Skype this afternoon. Quite a lot of people were assembled with me, my wife, my mother-in-law and little Katie. Little Katie was busy trying to stick the head of a doll into her mouth. My mother-in-law brought the doll (see photo to the left) to give as a present to little Katie and it speaks. We have no idea what it is saying as we think it speaks in Arabic.

I’m glad that when we grow up we stop trying to put things into our mouth when we are first introduced. Imagine if someone said hello to you in that fashion as you got older. You would never get to work. Talk about hand sanitizer…you would need a whole body wash by the time you got to work.

This evening we were all sitting around the table and little Katie decided that she would make a snack out of the placemat. She scrunched it up and started to put it into her mouth. It has the consistency of the wings of a bug that she likes so much…

1) Little Katie loves placements (if they resemble the wings of her favorite bug).