Day #159 (Fri., June 11, 2010) – Touch The Guitar

I put in so many hours before today that I was able to leave work around 2pm and still have 40 hours of work this week.

2010-06-11 - Father's Day Cards
2010-06-11 - Father's Day Cards

I got a couple of Father’s Day Cards (see photo to the right) in the mail today from my mother and sister. Hard to believe…I’m a father now. They came a bit early as Father’s Day is June 20th.

All four of us (my wife, mother-in-law, little Katie, and me) drove around the neighborhood to show my mother-in-law the sites. It was not all pleasure as we stopped at Target to get some more diapers and pacifier holders. My mother-in-law was fascinated to see the signs on the front lawns mentioning “Proud Parent Of A <name> High School Graduate”. They don’t have them where she is from.

My wife was sitting in the back seat of the car with little Katie. I guess she was fascinated with all the sites streaming by from the side window. All this time we thought she was looking out the back window or playing with her toys.

I played the guitar for little Katie this evening and she started to smile and dance. I held the guitar near her this evening (as I have done on other countless evenings) and this time she lunged for it. She started to feel it and actually “plucked” a couple of strings. My wife and I were saying that we should get a small guitar with soft nylon strings for her.

1) Little Katie loves to look out the side window when we take trips.