Day #2169 (Sat., Dec. 12, 2015) – Chapel Hill Parade

2015-12-12 - Casio Electronic PianoThe two guys of the house are sick today. I’m still struggling to get over this “thing” that I have, and little Bobby’s nose is running. My wife took Katie to the Chapel Hill Christmas Parade while I stayed home and tended to him. My wife and Katie will be part of the Glenwood Mandarin Chinese Program float…and got to walk the parade route. Arnesa and Dženan met them at the end of the route and I guess Katie was so tired that Dženan carried her back to the van on his shoulders.

He would not eat and we would not sleep. Around 11:30am he finally got hungry enough that he took the bottle and he was out from exhaustion by 11:40am.

When my wife got back from the parade it was time to attend Lauren’s baby shower. Lauren lives down the road from us. I got to take care of both Katie and little Bobby. Katie got out the little Casio electronic piano (see photo to the right) and it was a big hit with little Bobby. It will be interesting to see how much his musical talent develops over the years. He sure seems to show an interest in music.

By the time my wife returned from the baby shower I was totally done and went to bed.