Day #2170 (Sun., Dec. 13, 2015) – Katie Wants A Kringle

Everyone is staying at home today. This is great as I’m still not 100% to take care of kids on my own.

I found enough energy to go to WholeFoods for goat’s milk this afternoon. While there I was some organic quinoa baby food on sale. I could not get ahold of my wife so I didn’t get any. She told me to pick some up the next time I was there.

2015-12-13 - Snowman CakeKatie expressed a desire to try a “Kringle” (there was a segment of this Danish sweet bread on CBS Sunday Morning). WholeFoods didn’t have it so I went to Trader Joe’s, but they were out as well. I got a little chocolate mousse in the shape of a snowman (see photo to the left) and Katie loved that just as much I’m sure. I also picked her up a jar of cherries.

Katie came up with an adjustment to the “Bigger Than A Breadbox” game this evening. My wife thought of an animal and I was to come up with hints from a book of animals (i.e.: does it have a tail). I would then give this hint to Katie who would say it to my wife. This got very confusing as my wife was not to listen to me, but wait for Katie (who was often daydreaming or doing something else) to say it to her.