Day #2171 (Mon., Dec. 14, 2015) – 99% Little Bobby

2015-12-14 - SunriseThis morning Katie asked my wife to grab the camera and come outside. The sunrise in the photo to the right was the result.

On the drive to Glenwood this morning Katie told me that she always sits with Helen during lunchtime. They have various games which they play, like vet, mermaid and princess. She told me that during the vet game someone gets to choose which animal they are and what their injury is. The vet doesn’t have a choice of methods to fix the animals though…just bandages.

My wife took little Bobby to the doctor’s office today. It was thought that he might just have a runny nose, but upon listening the doctor said it has gone into his lungs. Poor little Bobby…it’s tough to hear him wheezing… The doctor said that it should get better in a couple of weeks and if not, let him know. Little Bobby still continues to be in the 99% of weight/height ratio… Big happy bouncy little boy. I guess the nurses were gushing over him…they love to see a happy baby with some weight on him…

The doctor was saying how that little Bobby looks like me and that he seems to be happy and easy going like his dad. My wife told him that I was happy as a child but as I got to know “people” and their ways this happiness has been tempered somewhat. The doctor replies “Yes”…like he was in full agreement of how people can diminish your enthusiasm…

Nikki is back and picked up Katie from Glenwood and took her to her dance class. Katie was very excited to see her again and they were playing Legos together when I got home. Nikki gave her an early Christmas Present … some Legos. I guess Katie exclaimed that now she didn’t have to worry about getting some Legos for Christmas.

I messed my knee up today and am having a hard time walking. Alas, I was unable to put Katie to bed this evening so we played “What Animal Am I” in the living room. In this game someone pretends to be an animal and the other person has to guess it.