Day #2179 (Tue., Dec. 22, 2015) – Katie Loves Star Wars

2015-12-22 - Mouse Trap GameThe photo to the right shows the MouseTrap game that I picked up for Katie yesterday.

One of our vendors at work rented out the whole theater so that we could see “Star Wars – The Force Awakens” together as a team. As some in IT didn’t attend, some people from the business were invited as well. Due to my poor knee I sat alone at the front of the theater. No big problem…I had lots of room to spread out and nobody was kicking my chair.

When I got home this evening Katie greeted me at the door. She wanted to know how the movie was. I guess my wife told her that I was going to see it and “review” it for her. Katie wants to see it for Daddy/Daughter Day. My wife basically put her foot down and said that she wasn’t going. There is a lot of violence in it and it is all about war. She doesn’t want Katie to have nightmares. She thinks that Katie thinks there will be princesses and such in it. I agree with my wife. I’ll try to find a nice cartoon or a movie about animals to take Katie to.