Day #2186 (Tue., Dec. 29, 2015) – No Babysitter

2015-12-29 - Bobby Orr BookThe photo to the left shows the book that my sister sent me for Christmas. It is the “Orr On Ice” Book I had as a child. I think it is the first print. Little Bobby is named after Bobby Orr as my father often used to refer to me as “Bobby”.

Arnesa has gone to New York with D┼żenan so we are effectively without a babysitter til Sunday. On Sunday she will be here to help us set up for Katie’s birthday party, but we are pretty much on our own til then. To make matters worse, it looks like both my wife and I are getting sick. It’s promising to be a rough week…

Katie expressed a desire for whipping cream so I made a run to Trader Joe’s for groceries this afternoon. I also picked up some waffles and a pizza and lasagna for today’s lunch and dinner.

My wife took little Bobby out to the patio this afternoon to get some fresh air. It was a challenge to get him from picking up any sort of twig and stick and put it into his mouth. I gave him a credit card out of my wallet and my car keys. That entertained him for quite a while. I even put him on one of Katie’s ride-on vehicles. He seemed to enjoy it, but he is effectively too short to really see what it has to offer.

This evening my wife brought a table in from the patio and put it up next to the window. We’re getting ready for Katie’s birthday party on Sunday. We’ll keep little Bobby’s play area where it is as a number of small children and toddler’s will be coming as well.