Day #2185 (Mon., Dec. 28, 2015) – Knee Surgery For Daddy

Today is Arnesa’s last day for almost a week. She is going to New York with her husband D┼żenan. She’s starting to feel sick as well…I guess you can fight off all the cold’s and flu that our family has to offer for just so long…

I called up Sam’s Club about the television set we have in the bedroom. They told me that they no longer stock it and will have to do some research on what sort of warranty they offer. They plan to call me back in a day or so.

2015-12-28 - Sam's CherriesI stopped off at Sams’ Club this afternoon to order some new glasses for reading. I also picked up some packing tape and a big container of cherries for Katie (see photo to the left).

At 3pm today we stopped off and got the results of my MRI tests. I need to have surgery on my knee. The doctor is out til next week so I need to meet him at 10am so that we can go over the results in detail and schedule a surgery time. Fun, fun, fun…

I left my car at Lloyd’s Tire this afternoon. Tomorrow morning they are going to be doing an 180,000 checkup and do an inspection for registration at the same time.

Remember the little wind up dog that my sister gave Katie a few years ago for Christmas? The one that flips around and barks “Deck The Halls”? Well, it is a big hit with little Bobby.